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"I had my checkup with my endocrinologist yesterday. She was so thrilled with my progress she was jumping up and down! Not only am I down 20 pounds, but my thyroid levels were stable, my inflammatory markers were normal and my sugar was normal. Very different picture than three months ago. Can't thank you enough for your help and support! Feel better and lighter than I have in years!"

“I've seen a few nutritionists before coming to Nathalie and each have helped me to meet some short term goals, however when I met Nathalie she helped me to completely reshape my thinking of how food affects my body and the way I feel every day. After a very thorough consultation Nathalie gave me a detailed food plan and very manageable goals to slowly shift my behaviors. Instead of ‘going on a diet’ she helped me replace empty, nutrient lacking foods with clean whole foods that kept me full and satisfied throughout the day. As a result not only have I lost weight and met goals I set for my wedding, but I feel more focused, less moody and overall happier! Nathalie's method is catered to every individual and their lifestyle. I have never felt pressured by her; she is very positive and motivating. I have a great relationship with food again!”

"Scale is down a few pounds, I'm not bloated, my complexion is clearer, and I've actually been regular! I wake up feeling GOOD in the morning!! Needless to say, I'm super happy and excited and even more motivated to learn from you and soak up your wisdom!"

“Working with Nathalie has not only completely changed my relationship with food, but it has also made me actually want to take care of my body and health. I used to be so obsessed with fad diets and calorie counting to lose weight that I wasn't realizing I was hurting both my mental and physical health. As someone who's suffered from anxiety and depression, an unhealthy lifestyle has taken its toll on my body. With her help, support, and knowledge I've adapted healthy habits to eat clean and nourishing foods that taste good. I've noticed a tremendous difference in, yes my waistline, but the important things like my health and happiness. I'm so fortunate to be working with Nathalie and I'm so excited to continue on this journey with her!”

"Our meeting was uplifting, educational, and mind opening. Your lifestyle approach is sustainable. Over the last two weeks I have not only changed my thought process towards food, but also fitness and wellness... Afternoon bloat is gone! I'm not craving sweets like I used to! My energy levels have been much better and my skin has cleared up significantly!"

"I'm so grateful for you and you have changed my life. I have learned so much over the past 5 months and have a total new mindset and approach towards food and eating. I never knew I could eat mostly plant based, feel full/satisfied, not bloated, and overall so much better! Your meal plans have helped me learn how to cook and make easy meals at home. Above all else, your infectious smile and amazing outlook on life is so inspiring. Thank you!"

"Working with Nathalie is not about crash dieting and losing quick weight. I've gotten a better knowledge of how to eat which will result in sustained long term health. I’ve gained a much better understanding of how and what food to eat and how to live a healthier lifestyle. It's not a fad diet with a time frame or shelf life, but an overall way to change.”

“Nathalie is awesome! She is such a beautiful humble person and so easy to work with. She helped me get back to my pre-baby weight and also has changed the way I eat forever. I feel so much better since I've been seeing her and I now know how to take care of my body in a healthy way. Her kick start meal plans made it so easy and motivating to loose the weight and I didn't feel like I was on a "diet" at all. I also gained new recipes that I will continue to use and are delicious!”

“Nathalie helped me to learn about and execute healthy nutritional habits in the months leading up to my wedding, and I have been benefitting from her help ever since! She made me excited about getting healthy and taught me invaluable tips that I still think about every day. Helping me with weekly check-ins and meal plans set me up for success. She completely understood what I was trying to achieve and was always upfront, realistic, and motivating each step of the way! I never felt deprived, just more educated on what food could provide me with better nutrition while still filling me up. I am most thankful for Nathalie's ability to equip me with the knowledge and understanding of healthy eating habits going forward, and restore my confidence! She was a dream to work with, and an absolute inspiration!”

"I really want to thank you. I legitimately feel like a different person. My mindset is so much clearer when it comes to food now and this is the first time in a long time that I actually feel confident about myself. Thank you thank you thank you!You truly are the best and have helped me SO much."

“I reached out to Nathalie when struggling with my weight and felt my muscles were always achy, and after a short time working with her I started to feel great! She helped me to incorporate more vegetables into my daily meals and  introduced me to her special green smoothie that I enjoy every day. Nathalie is truly a pleasure to work with! She not only is very knowledgeable about nutrition but also incredibly understanding and super caring. She has great meal ideas and has helped me tremendously!”



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