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The Nutrition by Nathalie Introducing Solids eBook is a comprehensive guide that answers all your starting solids questions including (but not limited to) signs of readiness, food progression, introduction of food allergens, choking hazards and food pairings.

Some of the topics included in this guide:

  • The essential nutrients during the first year of life
  • Signs of readiness
  • Introducing allergens
  • Feeding progressions
  • Starter food combinations
  • My must-have product list
  • Recipes... and so much more!

The starting solids journey is a creative and experimental time that relies heavily on becoming familiar with your baby's cues. But we are confident that this will be your go-to resource with easy-to-digest nutritional guidelines. You've got this, have fun!

Nutrition by Nathalie Introducing Solids Guide

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