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My Juicer

As many of you may know, I can’t live without my green juice! (or at least I don't like to).

There are so many benefits of green juices, most importantly that they are PACKED with nutrients. Think of green juice as a supershot of nutrients directly into your cells. They are the best thing to put into your body first thing in the morning to flush the system, get everything moving, energize us and make us feel ALIVE!

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is known to benefit our health because they are full of the vitamins and minerals that we need to thrive. A green juice is a great, easy way to load up on those vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols that can improve our overall health and reduce risk of chronic disease.

My green juices are mostly made of leafy greens and hydrating veggies to ensure a maximum amount of nutrients with minimal sugar. My general rule of thumb with clients is to make sure your green juice is 1) Green! So you know most of the ingredients are leafy greens/veggies. And 2) Made with 1 fruit at most. What I don't want is you drinking a sugar bomb every morning. My kind of green juices concentrate all of the goodness in a way that is extremely easy for our bodies to absorb -- full of vitamins A C & E, lycopene, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Also, because raw fruits and vegetables are so full of water, they are incredibly hydrating, which is just what our bodies want when we wake up!

Part of making the most delicious and nutritious green juices, is having a good slow juicer – I love my Hurom Juicer, which I use almost every day. I have found that they are the easiest to clean, make delicious juice, and most importantly, they keep all the nutrients inside the juice (rather than pushing them out with the pulp)! I'm sure you've seen juicers where the pulp looks like chopped salad... no good. All the nutrients are in that chopped salad pulp that's going in the garbage, not into your body. You want a juicer where the pulp is super dry and minimal. That's how you know you're actually getting the nutrients and not drinking expensive water. Don't worry, I've got you covered.

While I love ALL of the juicers by Hurom (you can’t go wrong with any of them!), my two favorites are the H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer and H-AA Slow Juicer.

I highly recommend Hurom for the tastiest and most nutrient dense juices – and they’re offering a $40 discount for my followers with the code: ALLGOODEATS – woo!

P.S. if you need some green juice inspo, you can find my favorite daily juice recipe HERE!

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