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What I packed in our hospital bags (updated)

For MOM:

  • Nursing bras

  • Comfy PJs that button down the front for breastfeeding

  • Loose sweatpants or joggers (love Polkadot - discount code: NATHALIE)

  • Comfy sweaters

  • Disposable underwear / loose cotton underwear (the disposable underwear that the hospital gives you are the best - stock up while you're there!)

  • Sticky socks

  • Slippers (with a good sole)

  • Toiletries (don’t forget shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/paste/floss, retainer, face wash and cream, body lotion, hair ties, chapstick, nipple cream, essential oils- anything that makes you feel like yourself!)

  • Towels and flip flops for showering

  • Supplements, medicines

  • Eye mask

  • Outfit to go home in (for summer, I love a loose button down dress)

For DAD:

  • Clean clothes

  • Toiletries, medicines, supplements


  • Outfit to go home in (For a summer baby, I am bringing a short sleeve onesie, a two piece long sleeve top and pants, a hat, headband, and socks)

  • Swaddle, blanket

  • Breast pump, bottle and formula of choice for a backup

  • Pacifier

  • Car seat (love the Nuna PIPA and Doona)


  • Comfy blankets and pillows for mom and dad

  • Phone, computer or iPad, chargers

  • Speaker (make playlist ahead of time)

  • Food & snacks - fave snacks & coconut water

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