What I Packed In Our Hospital Bags

For DAD:

  • Clean clothes

  • Toiletries, medicines, supplements

  • Towels and flip flops for showering (mom + dad)

  • Comfy blankets (mom + dad)

  • Pillow

For MOM:


  • Outfit to go home in (Newborn and 0-3 Month sizes. Multiple layers for outfit depending on time of year, make sure to have footed onesies or socks, hat. For example, for our April baby his outfit consists of an undershirt, long sleeve footed onesie, hat, bunting jacket and blanket. You also may want to pack extra onesies if scheduled c-section)

  • Swaddle, blanket

  • Breast pump, bottle and formula of choice just in case

  • Pacifier

  • Car seat

  • Nursing pillow (for c-section)